With respect, I offer my skills as speaker, group facilitator, and workshop leader. Over thirty years I have been privileged to work with groups, both large and small, from coast to coast, and abroad. Now it’s time to do more.

I’ve spoken with success, at conferences, workshops, and seminars, as well as in forests, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, farm fields, investment houses, bookstores, churches, libraries, colleges and high schools.

My intent is to inform, empower, encourage and uplift audiences.

At a chautaqua. Photo by Elizabeth Wolf.

SCHEDULED EVENTS for Steven McFadden

RF_conferenceNational Rural Futures Conference - Nov. 3-5, Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m pleased to be part of a Quick Pitch program at the conference. It will involve 8-10 speakers, each speaking for 3 minutes. My topic is “CSA in the USA: The Next Quarter Century.”  Because so many of our rural regions are “food deserts” where supermarkets are scarce, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in general — and also networked CSAs and CSAs in collaboration with co-ops — have potential to fill this need and at the same time bring a host of benefits to rural America. CSA will continue to metamorphose. America would benefit profoundly from the cultivation of many more CSA farms over the next quarter century.


Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture SocietyAnnual conference, Feb. 14-15, Kearney, NE.  I have the honor of facilitating a Roundtable discussion:  Nebraska Community Food Network? -

nsaslogoThere are a goodly number of groups in Nebraska already working to support the development of local food, and greater food security across the state. Should we form a network of associations to support local and regional food systems development across Nebraska?

 Should the people of Nebraska create a networked forum for the many far-flung community food pioneers and projects to share information, resources, and strategies?

 Such a network could express a vision for our state to have resilient, vibrant and self-reliant local and regional food systems, so that all Nebraska communities will have enduring access to healthy, local food.

 Good idea? Bad idea? Worth pursuing?  This is a roundtable opportunity to engage the question.

 By way of background, the Center for Rural Affairs has published a report on Regional Food Systems in Nebraska (2013). 


Reiki Training I’ve been practicing and teaching the art and discipline of  Reiki hands-on complementary healing for over 30 years. I’ll be offering classes in Lincoln, Nebraska through 2014.

Everyone can learn Reiki healing, and everyone is welcome. Certificates awarded. Students must complete Reiki I before taking Reiki II. For more information or to register, follow this link.Reiki poster 2014-page-001
2014 Classes
Reiki I:  January 18, or May 10 or August 23
Reiki II: March 8 or June 14 or October 25

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NSAS.imageResponding to the Call of the Land: Building a Community Supported Food System  – February 15-16, 2013 – a breakout session at the annual conference of the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society.

The call of the land is exceedingly loud and urgent right now. It is a call to which all Nebraskans need to respond, each in our own way. In response to the call, we have the necessity and the possibility of manifesting a new, collaborative and more sustainable future. The transition to a food system freer of fossil fuels and external control is in no way a utopian reverie. It is, rather, an immediate, immense, and unavoidable challenge that calls for unprecedented levels of creativity at all levels of society. While there is no single remedy for the many problems affecting our farms, our food, and our land, there are many positive paths and possibilities that are available to us to consider. We will meet in a traditional circle to listen to the land, to consider the possibilities, and to respond intelligently and creatively.

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June. 14-16 – Coop Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, PA  – CCMA 56th annual convention in support of coops. “We own it.”

March 18 – The Call of the Land – a talk for the Omaha Transition Town group, Sunday afternoon in Omaha, Nebraska.

Reiki talk & demonstration - In partnership with my wife Elizabeth Wolf, for the  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) support group at Bryan-LGH Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Farmer Safety 101: Yoga for Yeomen and Yeowomen

seedsoA yeoman is someone who works upon the land to bring forth its bounty – someone who works daily with the forces of nature, with tools, and with machines. Farmers and gardeners must properly care for their bodies – for the body is our most valuable piece of equipment, and over the years it eventually absorbs tremendous wear and tear. In this experiential, physical workshop, we will talk about basic body safety for farmers, gardeners, and householders. Then we will learn and practice some stretches to keep our bodies strong, limber, and uninjured while we attend to garden, farm, and kitchen chores. Participants will want to wear loose, comfortable clothing for this session.

 May 13-15 - The Queen of the Sunfilm showing and fund raiser at the Ross Media Arts Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. The event is a collaboration of the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society, Community CROPS, Slow Food Nebraska, and The Call of the Land.

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