The Call of the Land now consolidates with Chiron Communications

January 21, 2016

For the sake of convenience and coherence, I’m consolidating both the website and the Facebook pages for The Call of the Land into the web pages for a broader conceptual umbrella: Chiron Communications.

I invite you to check out not only the web pages for Chiron Communications, but also the Facebook page.

This blog for The Call of the Land will remain online as a resource. It is an archive of 160 original articles, or blog posts on agrarian matters of consequence.

chiron-logoMoving forward, Chiron Communications serves to unify my diverse work as a writer, speaker, consultant and healer. Through it I strive as always to offer keys for the health of human beings and the earth.

I established Chiron Communications in the early 1980s, then rested the enterprise in the 1990s. When the year 2000 came, it was time to bring the Chiron Communications theme forward again. Now as i write it’s time for consolidation. Thus, I will articulate the call of the land as I and others hear it through Chiron Communications.

~ With respect, Steven McFadden


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